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I am a theatre director and dramaturg. I am based in Harlow, in Essex, and have strong links to London and Birmingham, where I studied BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Arts.

My work is inherently political, and I am particularly interested in exploring human responses to capitalist power structures. I am intrigued by form, and ingraining politics in the form of a piece. It considers it's relationship to the audience, and is subsequently adaptive.

I often work with writers in formal scratch night settings, or informally discussing their texts and processes. I enjoy the process of developing texts with writers, and am always keen to read new scripts and hear new ideas. 

My process is built on a combination of textual analysis, collaborative discussions and using a variety of media, particularly music. I find the process of collaborating with other artists enriching and exciting.

I am an associate of Intrepid Fools and a reader for Katzpace.


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