Company Intrepid Fools

Direction Harry Tennison

Text Flora Wilson Brown

Composition/Musical Direction Alastair McNamara

Producer Becca King

Devised by the company.

Additional contributions John Chisham

Performed by Alastair McNamara, Alice Underwood, Becca King, Fionn Creber, Flora Wilson Brown.

This charming adventure story about the power of friendship earned through bravery and kindness won our hearts. Deadline News - 5*

Praise for skilfull direction by Harry Tennison who really gets the pacing right and the best out of each actor. Edinburgh Reporter - 4*

Viking is pure, simple and, quite frankly, beautiful storytelling. 730 Review - 4*

VIKING was first performed at Underbelly Bristo Square, Edinburgh on the 5th August 2019. It is currently available for touring: if you were interested, then please email

VIKING was a family musical performed in Edinburgh in 2019. It followed the story of young Viking misfit Ragnarr Ragnarrson on his quest to take up his mantle and become the village's next Skald -  a Viking storyteller - and an unlikely friendship with a bear called Bear. Together, Ragnarr and Bear must find the Storymead, all while evading Bjorn Babbinson and his gang of bounty hunters.

The production considered the importance of friendship, the value of storytelling and the destructive nature of greed. It used a storytelling performance style alongside songs performed live and narration.



Direction Harry Tennison

Writer Francis Grin

Performed by Georgina Duncan, Joe Bonfield and Stephanie Dickson

Actors Awareness/Round Peg Theatre

Spotlight HQ/The Lion and Unicorn


Direction Harry Tennison

Writer Molly Sweeney

Performed by Iain Alexander, John Chisham and Louise Bryant

Round Peg Theatre

Drayton Arms

I have directed a number of SHORT PLAYS for scratch and short night plays. I am really interested in the potential for this shorter form, and have had the pleasure of working with writers who write rich, complex and interesting texts. Francis Grin's THE ETHICALS was a consideration of the privileges which allow individuals to lead 'ethical' lives, and the exclusion of working class voices from the discussion surrounding the climate crisis. Molly Sweeney's HELLO, WHAT YEAR IS IT? mediated the role and place of love in times of intense political crisis, offering a beacon of hope that personal relationships can rise above politics.